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Running a restaurant can be incredibly fulfilling. You can make a living while pursuing your passion and work with people who end up feeling like family. Starting a restaurant from scratch, however, can be quite challenging. In order to be within the  20% of restaurants that make it past their fifth year in business, you need to be well versed in cooking, managing people and inventory, marketing and much more. Running a franchise restaurant reduces many of these hurdles because it involves buying a pre-made concept with brand name recognition and support from a corporate office. All that’s left to do is deliver a quality product consistently and manage employees.

What is a franchise restaurant?

A franchise restaurant is a turnkey restaurant concept that you can purchase from a franchisor. In exchange for an initial investment and ongoing royalty payments, franchisees have access to the franchisor’s proprietary processes, software and hardware – like a restaurant POS, training, recipes, supplier relationships, equipment, real estate expertise, marketing and more to set them up for success.

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